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*cuddles knee brace*

I'm not sure if I've talked about this previously, but I'll mention it anyway.

In middle school, I dislocated my knee. It wasn't during volleyball practice or a game, even though I was doing those things at the time. All I did was stand in my room, and turn the wrong way, or at the wrong angle or something, and POP! I was confused as to just why I was on the ground until I looked at my leg. My kneecap was displaced by 3 inches. 3+ months on my ass/ on crutches.

Ever since then, I've been relatively paranoid about the whole thing. I try not to buy ridiculously dangerous footwear, and I try to not be involved in high-impact exercise, etc etc.

Well, today my knee hurt. A LOT. A lot more than usual. I was in aerobics and it seemed like every jump, every knee-up, and every turn sent a twinge of pain under my kneecap. It was scary, because I was thinking, hey this is how I dislocated my knee in the first place; just turning around.

So I went out and bought a knee brace today. It cost 20 euro = $28, but it's adjustable and I really needed it. I feel like it was worth it, even if it just makes me feel better.

Also, I was really scared yesterday. I have a cold sore/ shingles on my lip. Not pleasant to begin with, but I don't remember in the past having a tingling feeling all the way to my cheek. Okay, I might expect as much, since there are major nerve circuits running along there, but still. I was rubbing my neck and suddenly noticed... a huge knot. This knot is not at a lymph node. It's on top of my larynx. It feel just like the "demonstration tumor" my doctor made me feel (just to know what a tumor felt like when doing breast checks, for example), and on top of that my lymph nodes are swollen too. I have a normal temperature, so that's good at least. But seriously, my first thought was "Did I just smoke so many cigarettes in Rome that I got cancer?" Quitting smoking... again... for a while.

Side story. Marisa, my Portuguese friend got into a really bad bike accident where she landed chin-first. She went to a doctor who said oh put neosporin on it, you'll be fine. A few days later she went to another doctor because it was getting worse.

I ran into her today in class, and she saw me rubbing my throat area, and asked "do you have a small hard ball thing there?" (she doesn't know the word for knot. its so cute <3) "yeah...." "Oh, I had one of those too when my chin was fucked up. The doctor told me it was because of a very bad bacterial infection! Maybe it's from your lip." So I'm like that's great. Absolutely great. If it doesn't seem to have gotten better by Friday, I'm going to the doctor to get it checked out and Marisa will show me where the place is.

I just really hope I haven't overexercised and destroyed my meniscus or something. T_T
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So, I had a little bit of a panic attack just now. I just randomly thought, oh hey, what if that one class that starts next week, yeah about that, what if it actually started in Jan when I got here? What if I've missed half of it already? Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

It was strange. I've had nightmares that were of the same theme, where I registered for something missed it until the last day of the semester and realized I should have been going the whole time and never dropped it, therefore getting a huge F. Luckily, if that happens here I just don't register for the final and nothing bad happens... but at SDSU it's not like that. Well I guess if you miss the first two classes they auto-drop you, but still....

Why do I have nightmares about school? wtf?

I think I just get stress attacks like that every time a new session of classes starts.

Does anyone have the same thing happen to them?
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Rome. It was amazing. You couldn't walk a quarter of a mile without running into something that was 2000 years old!

First day we arrive, and we're walking around. "Hey, is that the Colosseum!?" "Omg that's the forum!" "How did we get to the Spanish Steps already?!" It was pretty amazing. We took 2 tours, both with the same guide that a friend of ours suggested through the Yellow Hostel. It was definately a young traveler's tour, with personality, and fun little facts along with the main story of Roman history. First day was everything except the Vatican and St. Peter's - it lasted 5 hours. The next day we took a tour of the Vatican and St. Peter's, which was 6 hours long. I was freaking exhausted by the end of each day.

Gelato. Espresso. Hand-made pasta. Pizza. I was seriously in food heaven. If you don't know, my favorite foods are 1. Japanese 2. Italian. I had amazing bruscetta, gnocchi, handmade fettuccine, things with milk sauce, pesto sauce, meat sauce, mushrooms, basil, balsamic vinegar, mozzarella. Gaaaaaaah. I probably gained all the weight-loss from my hard work back, but it was delicious.

On the first day's tour we (Gab, Niina, Sarah, and I) were alone with Justin, the tour guide. However, second day we were with a larger group, where we met a family from Georgia that was pretty cool, a girl who's studying in Germany named Rachel, and two guys studying in Israel traveling together.

Turns out, one of the guys, Lewie:
1. Goes to SDSU
2. Is a Sigma Chi (my dad's frat)
3. Is a Psi Chi (my honor society)
4. Is the same grade as me
5. Is really cool! Side story... we got on the bus and Lewie hadn't bought a ticket so he asks for an old ticket or something if the police come and do a ticket check, and they did. Apparently I gave him my good ticket and I ended up with a 50euro fine. We ended up splitting it half-ways which was cool of him because he didn't know me, and could have just said screw it. Neither one of us wanted the other having to pay it themselves so that was nice of him.

So after the tour, all the groups split up and we meet Rachel Lewie and Craig later in the evening for drinks and party! We met at the Colosseum (how many times in your life can you say you met at the Roman Colosseum for drinks?!) with tons of wine, and the boys brought Bacardi. Niina ended up really wasted and so sick we had to take her back to the hostel. After that we went back out and grabbed more drinks at a Gay bar called "Coming Out" right next to the Colosseum before it closed.

To sum it up, as Justin said, "Violence, debauchery, vomitoriums!". But seriously, I have never peed in public so many times in my life. D: I have marked my spot. hahaha

I freaking love Italians, man. We were just smashed and walking around and talking with Italian people and trying to bum cigarettes. Everyone we talked to was excited that we loved the city, and they all were giddy and squealed when Lewie and I said we were from California, and Craig was from New York. hahaha. Also it was nice, because I would say I don't speak Italian, and most everyone would say Oh, okay, I speak some English but Spanish would be better, so I practiced my Spanish a shit-ton. Also, cigarette bumming is not as easy when the people of said country are not known to carry around pre-made cigs. Just about everyone rolled us cigarettes. I don't know if you know how much effort that is but seriously, I was surprised at the hospitality!

Rome at night is beautiful, and since drinking in the streets is perfectly legal it was even better with a wine in hand!

On the other hand, I have another outbreak of shingles on my lip. T_T It was due to dehydration, stress (alcohol has a huge stress on the body duuurrr) and overexposure to the sun. Fuck. It itches really badly, all the way from my chin to my lip and almost to my cheek. I can't find the cream for it, if I even brought it. D:
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I NEED IT. I don't know why, but I've been seeing the other dresses out of this print and I liked them but then I saw this one and...

I LOVE IT. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. It's not often that I see a dress and fall in love so quickly!

It could be sweet. It could be hime. It could be worn any day! It would look awesome with a denim jacket, or a blouse, or a cardigan.

Bonnet... or headbow? Both?! *__*
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Wordz meme

Leave a comment saying, "COMMENT" something that indicates you want some wordz, and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal.

hellodolly said:
Decoden, lolita, relatable, INDUSTRIAL (I had to say it), and raver.

Decoden: I fucking love shiny shit. There. I said it. No seriously, if I own it, I want it encrusted in crystals. I'd like to think I'm good at deco and sweets work. :)

Lolita: Duh. Obv. Been into lolita for *counts on fingers* well, since middle school. I started dressing in it in 2006, and obtained my first brand stuff a year later. Ta-dah! Watch out though, you may be seeing some hime and some black stuff coming your way soon...

Relatable: This one makes sense I guess haha! I try to get along with everyone. I'm not exactly a social butterfly but I really like going out and meeting people. It seems like I'm ALWAYS saying "hey, me too!" I guess that's what relatable means. :P

Industrial: guuuuuuuurl. :P (I really should have taken that girl more seriously when she said I should model.)

Raver: Been raving a little less time than I've been dressing in lolita. Started raving in 2007, with a love of electronic music since forever.

If you don't want to participate in the meme, feel free to just leave more wordz for me here. :) I always want to know what people think of me. Does that make me egotistical? haha

EDIT : I'm out of town till Monday night. See you after Rome!
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To buy list!

When I get home, major fashion shoppin's time.

I have a list now.
This wig:

Circle lenses! 2 pairs, can't decide colors:
Honey color
Maybe Violet if they come in RX.

I fucking lost the LJ of the place I was going to buy them from. T_T Any sources of good places with RX's?
Stats: just in case, you know, happy birfday to me?
Right eye: -2.5 BC: 8.4
Left eye (has astigmatism, but meh, I'll just ignore that when ordering Circles):  -2.75 BC 8.6 CYL/Axis -0.75 090

And new lolita shoes!

The question I have for you all is, what color shoes should I get?

Mint? Would match 4 pieces
Blue? Would also match 4 pieces
Darker pink? Would match quite a lot...

Take a look at my Pupe and hellllllp!
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Lol, Dad

An email conversation between my dad and me

Hey Dad,

I just proved yet again that I'm your daughter.

Our shower drain has been having a problem with stopping up, so I decided to get the tools you got for me out and open it up. It was filled with tons of hair (YUCK), cleaned it out, put the thing back together. I washed the basin out and turned around to put the tools away when I notice the floor is flooding.

Aloud: "Aw, sh*t."

If the sink basin had been chalked to the tile floor like it was supposed tobe, I wouldn't have noticed that the rubber seal hadn't lined up properly causing a leak inside.


It's fixed now though! I tested it. ;)

His reply:

yep, you are my child alright.........

A reply like that means that he's pretty busy laughing his ass off!